Ventilated facades

offer you an excellent degree of energy efficiency and acoustic comfort

The ventilated facades is a technologically advanced system of modern architecture. Ventilated facades allow elegant, traditional, modern, or unconventional solutions. There are no limits to creativity.

Although aesthetically versatile, with the ventilated facades it is possible to use different types of covering materials, including: natural stone, ceramic, fiber cement, metal, terracotta, HPL and composite materials.

The ventilated facades consist of a coating spaced from the wall of the building, to create a cavity that protects the building from humidity and therefore creating movement of air. The installation of a suitable insulating layer eliminates thermal bridges, keeping the building protected from climatic and atmospheric variations; all this for the benefit of energy savings and comfort by removing the summer heat and maintaining the winter thermal insulation.

Ventilated facades are a modern and high performance solution for the construction of enclosures. Using mechanical anchoring elements, the design loads are transferred to the structural wall, providing safe and protected ventilated facades.

Modern engineering has realized that ventilated facades are part of an entire building envelope. So not only a visual statement, but also an important element in protecting the structural components of a wall.


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But is it really possible to recladding with ventilated facades with the cost of a coffee a day?

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the reasons for ventilated facades
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ventilated facades: efficiency and comfort

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Consumption savings

With ventilated facades there is a considerable saving in energy consumption due to the lower thermal dispersion of the walls;

Elimination of condensation

Thanks to the presence of the air gap, a prerogative of ventilated facades, the expulsion of humidity is favored, caused by infiltratiosns;

more protection

Ventilated facades provide effective protection of the wall structure against atmospheric agents;

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